Audio Files About Psychotherapy


In this section of our website, we’ve provided audios created by our center’s director and psychotherapist, Dr. Parker Wilson on a variety of topics including the basics of modern psychotherapy, mindfulness and mediation, Buddhist psychology, and much more.

We sincerely hope that you’ll find these audios helpful and that you’ll use them to guide your decisions on how best to use your mind to achieve your personal and professional goals.

dr-parker-wilson-denver-therapist-counselor-250x350Doctor Parker Wilson, Psychotherapist, Counselor, And Director Of The Awakened Mind Institute, Denver Psychotherapy Center

Feel free, however, to contact us by phone at 720-316-2321 or email (simply enter the information requested on our secure online consultation form) if you’d like more information about anything you find in these audios, or if you’d like to schedule a private consultation with one of our center’s doctors.

Playing The Audio Files

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Downloading The Seminar Audio Files

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