Frequently Asked Questions

Perhaps somebody else has wondered the same thing? Here are a few of the questions we hear all the time.

Do Your Psychotherapists Treat Substance Abuse or Addiction?

Yes, our doctors treat various substance abuse problems using a vanguard treatment called Mindfulness Based Relapse Prevention (MBRP). MBRP is a synthesis of traditional cognitive behavioral "relapse prevention" techniques, and mindfulness based cognitive therapy that is specifically honed to therapeutically address the psychology of addictions.

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Do All Of Your Doctors Offer Buddhist Therapy?

At this time AMI’s director, Dr. Parker Wilson, is the only psychotherapist who can provide therapy based on Buddhist psychology. Dr. Wilson is a university professor, doctor of clinical psychology, and a practicing Mahayana Buddhist. He has been highly trained in Buddhist and existential psychology and meditation by some of the greatest living Buddhist masters of our time.

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Isn't MBCT (Mindfulness) Associated With Buddhism?

The fundamental techniques for developing mindfulness, while rooted in the teachings of Buddhism, are actually more scientific than religious in nature. Buddhist psychology asks one to deeply analyze one's own existential experience. In other words, unlike traditional religious belief systems, Buddhism is not a faith or dogma based system; nor do its practitioners seek special consideration from a higher power, nor do they seek to convert others to their way of thinking. It is, therefore, more akin to a deep philosophy and empirical understanding.

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How Much Will My Therapy Cost?

The Awakened Mind Institute has very competitive clinical fees; this is especially true given the quality of treatment our doctors offer. Generally speaking, individuals and / or families with a household income between $60,000 and $150,000 (or more) find AMI's clinical fees to be affordable.

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What Is A "Pre-Therapy Intake" Session?

If you choose to enter into AMI's care, your initial intake session will be scheduled after your initial consultation. This one-time 90-120 minute session allows your doctor to gather information about your personal and medical histories and other key factors that may influence the success and sustainability of your treatment.

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Will My Insurance Company Pay For My Therapy?

Will My Insurance Company Pay For My Psychotherapy Or Counseling?

After much thought and consideration, AMI has adopted a self-payment model, and we no longer work directly with medical insurance companies. In other words, we will not bill your insurance carrier, nor will we communicate with them on your behalf. (Click AMI’s Fees and Payments page for more information on our fees, including our sliding scale, pro bono requirements, and more.)

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