Addiction Therapy

Even In The 21st Century, Many Of Us Still Suffer In Silence - Afraid To Reach Out To Qualified Experts - And So We Worsen Our Own Lives With Inaction And The Passage Of Time. Our doctors and psychotherapists have thousands of hours of successful experience

We Are The Out-Patient Drug & Alcohol Specialists

Dependency - Drug & Alcohol Counseling

Imagine how much happier your life would be today if you had been treated by a highly skilled and compassionate addiction specialist even a year ago. 

Dr. Parker Wilson has been treating dependencies on an out-patient basis, via mindfulness based relapse prevention (MSRP), for more then 12 years. Dr. Wilson himself has also been in recovery for more than 25 years. Dr. Wilson typically incorporates a great deal of Buddhist psychology in the treatment of compulsions.

We treat adults suffering from:

  • Debilitating alcoholism and / or drug dependence.
  • Prescription drug abuse.
  • Enslavement to internet porn.
  • Compulsive betting and gambling.
  • Obsessive and / or high risk sexual behaviors (e.g. having sex with strangers, having sex in public, etc).
  • Fixation of prostitutes, massage parlors, sex and strip clubs, or escort services.
  • Compulsive shopping and / or excessive materialism.

Let Us Help You. It's vitally important to get the help you or your loved one deserves!

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Fees And Insurance

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AMI is a private, self-pay out-patient psychotherapy center. This means that while you’ll pay "out-of-pocket" for your services, you may seek reimbursement from your insurance carrier using the paperwork AMI provides.

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Working with Trauma, PTSD and C-PTSD

Free Video: "Working with Trauma, PTSD and C-PTSD"

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A Free Educational Video Especially for Individuals Effected By A Diagnosis of PTSD or C-PTSD. Diagnostics, Modern Treatment Methodologies, and Buddhist Meditation Techniques is Discussed.

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